Ever thought you could really use a MIRACLE when it comes to the money you are generating with your message?

Here’s a truth:

I knew back in 2008 that I was a messenger . That I was here to bring through messages of healing, hope and inspiration.

There was NO doubt about that being my purpose – I was exceptionally clear on that.

I was so clear in fact that I began to share my message freely with anyone who would listen! I got myself set up on the internet and started to offer free teleclasses. I offered 27 different free teleclasses in just a few months. This did a LOT for me in terms of building a following but it did NOTHING for me in terms of making me money.

In fact, it was costing me money every month – and a ton of time too.

Then I discovered mentorship! Whoo boy, did THAT create a big shift in my life and my business! I learned finally after spending nearly a year of my life putting my message out there how to monetize my mission – and started to actually make money doing what I loved. I was also investing a ton to get educated on how to build a business based on my message.

During the last several years I’ve surely had more than a few “ups and downs” in my money situation so I know EXACTLY what it’s like to be craving a miracle around money – AND I discovered a whole bunch of ways on my own journey to move through those moments when money has been really super tight!

Here’s what I discovered:

In order to manifest more money I have to know what my current reality is.

In order to manifest more money I have come into right relationship money and with my Source using ceremony and ritual.

In order to manifest more money I have to know what I want it for – to have a reason for it to come to me that is inspiring and joyfully energized.

I also discovered that there are 5 Sacred Acts to coming into right relationship with money.

Now that I have done my own work to come into right relationship and stabilize the flow of money in my life, I wanted to share some of my secrets with you!

Just imagine what it would be like for you to be in such harmony with money that anytime you desired to receive money you could almost instantly manifest it?

Imagine what it would be like for you to be able to serve as a messenger and have your message be monetized. Imagine your relationship with money is clear and you are also clear on your “why” for generating money. Imagine being able to generate money every day from anywhere in the world? Imagine being able to PROSPER in Your PJS!! (I practically LIVE in my PJ’s in fact I wrote this in my favorite fuzzy white pair with the big neon color starbursts on them) Imagine what it would be like for you to manifest more than enough money for your basic needs.

In fact what would it be like to be creating so much money that you suddenly become a “Money Generator and Wealth Factory” in your role as an Empowered Messenger?


So here’s what I have done for you to help you on your journey to make your imagination into reality:

I have crystallized a 21 day series of exercises, ceremony & ritual, and motivational affirmations into the MONEY MAGIC & MIRACLES CLARITY COURSE FOR EMPOWERED MESSENGERS!

  • 21 Days of MONEY MESSAGES Voice Mail to your Cell, Home or Office Phone
  • 21 Days of Emails with Course Material Links to your Inbox
  • 21 Days of Exercises, Ceremony, Ritual and Money Motivations
  • 21 Days to completely change your relationship to money forever!


This course has been our best selling HOMESTUDY since 2013 - and NOW you have the opportunity to enjoy this journey WITH the expert mentorship and guidance of Emerald who will be engaging in the course material herself right along with you! What’s different about the Do It with Emerald version?

1) You are going to be part of the Money Magic Miracle Makers a global group of people all on journey together - who will gather daily in the Facebook Forum we have created just for this excursion. It's our intention to grow this community exponentially and to create an EMPOWERED MESSENGER SPIRAL OF WEALTH™ that spans the world!

2) I personally will be doing the work RIGHT ALONG WITH YOU – so you’ll have a total behind the scenes look at my work – and my personal relationship with money - true transparency – and vulnerability!

3) If you invest NOW you can do it AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN every season with the gathering tribe of Money Magic Miracle Makers. The more you focus on Money Magic & Miracles the more they will expand and with a growing group that consistently engages in this work the benefits will naturally be EXPONENTIAL!!

4) BONUS surprise phone calls that I will book periodically for activations, open q & a and other good money magic and miracles guidance and support!

Oh and let's tell you the BEST part about this beautiful experiential journey - you can RETAKE it with NO ADDITIONAL INVESTMENT with every turn of the seasons with Emerald again and again and again for as long as she's delivering the course! After all we can ALL continue to engage in the precious act of improving our relationship with money right?

*** This “lifetime” offer is only available NOW – we are looking at making this a membership community for any future investors – which means if you are resonant the thyme is NOW to say yes so you are secured as a “grandmother” or “grandfather” in the group – meaning you’ll only invest once and won’t be subject to any future monthly membership fees


Here is how to Join Us Starting March 1st

Take the course along with Emerald and Facebook Support Group

Only $997 or 5 Payments of $222
(For A Limited Time Only)


Results Rock!

Both for me & for the rest of the Money Magic Miracle Makers!

I’ve engaged in my own course 14 times since it was first created! How many mentors do you know who are out there actually doing their own work and consistently?

And here are my results for each quarter that I went through the process in order:

1 - $2000 extra dollars from an Affiliate that was unexpected in my mailbox!
2 - Completely cleared the "charge" I felt when receiving my credit card bills
3 - Became GRATEFUL for all my creditors and in deep appreciation for their financial support in the growth of my business
4- Re-signed a $50,000K client on the last day of doing Money Magic & Miracles
5 - First 6 figure QUARTER in my business
6 - Manifested $33K from a single Skyped In Presentation to a live event done in my Pajamas
7 - Began Focusing on PROFITS and started to set aside a percentage of every sale in savings - almost 6 figure quarter
8 - Manifested four figures in sales speaking from a live stage and serving as the MC for event host.
9- Manifested $33,000.00 in new clients from a speaking gig that was a 10 day trip to Costa Rica
10- Manifested a $28,000.00 scholarship for a loved one who was enrolled in drug rehab
11- Manifested an invitation to manage and be a trustee for a $30,000,000.00 Trust ($30 Million Dollars)
12 - Manifested a $4938 brand new wardrobe of beautiful artsy high end clothing for $535
13 – Manifested severing myself personally from a money draining relationship that was creating extreme financial stress and high drama – saving over $1500 a month in outflow. Severed a number of business relationships and investments that no longer serve – saving hundreds of dollars a month in small and large expenses. Sealed the “money drains”!! Received a refund from a “not a fit” investment of $2500.00
14 – Manifested two new streams of income that have paid my mortgage and vehicle expenses for the two months totally unrelated to my business income = $6140.00 – plus 2 free concert tickets valued at $160.00 and the discovery of “hidden money” from affiliates that I didn’t even know was available to me totaling almost $400.00 – total to date for this quarter of MIRACLE money $6700.00!


What’s happened with the Global Group of Money Magic Miracle Makers?

In the first quarter of 2016 – during the first round of the “Do it With Me” Version as a group we co-created and magically miraculously manifested over $22,000 in cash, 2 brand new cars received as gifts, 1 around the world plane ticket, 1 new job offer for that doubled the person’s salary from $150,000 to $300,000 and a NEW MAN!!

We are still counting the miracles from Q3! And the truth is that the more people we have gathered together in a unified field of intention consciously working to heal and reveal all their money blocks and wounds in service to creating a consistently improving cycle in their relationship with money the more epic and exponential the miracle making is going to become!

I want YOU to be a part of this – because frankly it’s THYME for messengers, change agents, visionaries, women of wisdom and magical men to be manifesting money like mad and making miracles on a moment by moment basis! It’s THYME to make amends with money and make WAY more money with your Magic!

Empowered Messengers are empowered in three ways:

ONE they speak their truth

TWO they have the POWER to spread their message far and wide! MONEY is a form of POWER in our world so when you have access to MONEY and when you have harnessed that power to serve your message so that your message serves both YOU and the world well then life is pretty fine and dandy indeed!

THREE they decide how to organize their life and business! If they want to work from 7 pm til 2 am or spend the entire day in their pjs or work under a beach umbrella or a palm tree they can because they are creating their own reality every day in every way!


Here's a few Miracle Reports from some of the folks who have taken Money Magic & Miracles at least once!


"What I keep hearing (from this course) is that 90% of the success in making a shift is just showing up.

I feel there are multiple layers to the issues and will redo the program monthly to see how it shifts from month to month ;-)"

- Mary Stremmel

Here is how to Join Us Starting
March 1, 2017

Take the course along with Emerald and Facebook Support Group

Only $997 or 5 Payments of $222
(For A Limited Time Only)

"I have taken Emerald Wyldfyre's Money Magic and Miracles program three times, and I will again - not because it doesn't work, but because it works so well!"

- Andy Grant

The truth is – it’s time to value yourself, your message and your business at a much higher level.

It’s time to come into right relationship with money so that you can harness the power of money to serve your vision and serve the world with the great gifts you came to offer.

I’ve decided that this piece of the puzzle for messengers is so crucial that I wanted to make this clarity course accessible for as many of you in our community as possible.

So here’s the dealio – go right ahead and click below to make your one time only $997 investment and we’ll get you started on this course immediately.


"This course was a lot of fun - good content!  It helped me identify things I wasn't admitting to myself about money.  Opened my eyes to some good stuff too! 

I purchased it because the content is practical - It's all nice to be 'up in the air' about $ with positive affirmations and working the Universal laws but in truth if people don't know what exact steps to take feeling good isn't going to really help - its not enough.

Where are you spending cash that you're not willing to look at?"  was one of the big questions that I faced.   What I liked about this course was it didn't assume that people only needed an in your face lecture - your caring was obvious throughout.

I enjoyed the rituals too!  I believe we don't live in just one world or the other - we live in multiple worlds and the way you designed this course recognizes that we are also emotional beings!   I'm always looking for good material on money management based on Universal laws (biblical principals) - in my mind that's the only way to handle my affairs.

Things are better since I took the course - within 60 days I decided to go back and re-brand my entire business.  I eliminated a bunch of stuff I was doing - cutting out work that wasn't as profitable.  I got rid of the things I was spending a lot of time on that weren't generating big money.   2013 was a year for realignment and re-purposing and taking this course helped me to do that."  

Leatrice Wells - "Accounting for Success Blog

Take the course along with Emerald and Facebook Support Group

Only $997 or 5 Payments of $222
(For A Limited Time Only)

Starts March 1st!

21 days – the time it takes to form a new habit.

In 21 days, you can begin to have a relationship with money that will allow you to make all your dreams come true!


My Personal Morning Mantras – Feel free to “tune in” and say these mantras for yourself each morning – imagine what it would be like to join people from around the world who are all sharing the same mantras to stay aligned!

THE MONEY GENERATION TOOLKIT: Setting and Building the Energetic Stage for an Abundant Relationship with Divine Money for Empowered Messengers. Spiritual and Practical Guidelines and Tools to Energize and Harmonize Your Personal Money Theater and keep it Playing Prosperity and Abundance for Years To Come!

Here is how to Join Us Starting March 1st

Take the course along with Emerald and Facebook Support Group

Only $997 or 5 Payments of $222
(For A Limited Time Only)

About Emerald Peaceful GreenForest

The Empowered Messenger Master Mentor is an Internationally known Speaker, Spiritual Leader and Transformation Artist. She is passionate about serving visionary leaders and conscious entrepreneurs who want to LEAP fearlessly into their highest level of service to the planet and who want to profit handsomely from following their Spiritual path.

With programs, products and services designed to serve the empowerment of women as global messengers of change and enlightenment, Emerald believes that when people everywhere (and especially women!) feel safe speaking their truth, powerful asking for money and prepared internally to be seen and heard then the world will naturally change for the better.

A successful and award winning entrepreneur since her mid-20's, prior to her journey into the realm of personal and professional empowerment Emerald was active in Real Estate Development and

Community Management Consulting and worked as a consultant with the US Agency for International Development, the World Bank, the Department of Housing and Urban Development and several Fortune 500 builder/developers. Active in her community – Emerald has served in many volunteer leadership positions and been an avid supporter of the arts for years.

She’s created an international reputation online as a speaker and has shared the “virtual” stage with colleagues like John Assaraf a star in the block buster movie “The Secret”, Best Selling Authors like Sark, David Wolfe and Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks, multimillionaire Fortune 500 entrepreneur and star of “The Secret Millionaire” Ali Brown and many other leading global change agents.

Another Money Miracle Report!

"A guy hit my parked car and the insurance company totaled it and gave me a settlement check. I expect to still be able to drive it, so consider this a money miracle! "

- Kaleo Kaleido